What We Do

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Imagine.... leaving home for a couple of hours and returning to a magically transformed room making the most of what’s already in your home - and already paid for! See your possessions in a new light showcased in a space that's a reflection of the best parts of you and your personal style.

​Editing and rearranging your (or your client’s) own furniture and accessories to highlight the best features of the house, so that it makes the very best impression on potential buyers. The result? More offers and a higher sale price. Click to find out how.

​We offer help for all kinds of lifestyle transitions - downsizing, final homes, second homes, special needs such as ADA requirements, blended families (from personal experience....!!).  Just ask us! 

​We'll work together to pick the perfect paint palette: the sassiest saffron, the edgiest eggplant, the trendiest terracotta... find out more by clicking on the button.

Need a second opinion? Recommendations for your remodel? Looking for resources in the Valley? Shopping help for that perfect piece? The perfect upholsterer? Contact us!