Color Consultations

In a home, color doesn't just change changes lives!

Nothing makes a bigger impact for the least amount of money than paint...and nothing can turn a ho-hum house into a chic chateau more quickly and easily than the right combination of colors.

How you use color can have a powerful impact on how you see your own abode and the world. From optimistic yellows to healing blues and refreshing greens to stimulating reds, the right hues can turn your bedroom into a romantic getaway and your bathroom into a tranquil spa, your kitchen into the happy party place where everyone wants to gather, and your library into a cozy reading nook.

In India, they celebrate a national holiday called "Holi" in the Spring, a festival devoted entirely to COLOR. Its essence is a reminder that the time is perfect to be colored, to renew love and recharge our vitality. The profusion of colors are symbolic of the energy and passionate pulse of life.​

So.... what are you passionate about? What's your favorite color palette? 

 Sometimes it's as easy as checking in your closet. Now, I'm not talking about a scheme based on those black fanny-trimming pants that everyone seems to have an abundance of (myself included), but what about the other pieces hidden in there?​

Khaki or Lime? Blush or Burgundy? Sky or Cobalt? If you're shy about doing an entire room in your favorite color, try one wall...or accessorize.​

Sound enticing? Click here and let us show you how!​