Redesign To Sell


When staging your home to sell, it's important to remember that the focus is on the house, not the people who are living in it.

This is in direct opposition to the primary goal of interior design which is to meet the unique needs of the occupants.

Effective staging can be difficult for most homeowners because it's hard to look at your home objectively or through the eyes of prospective buyers. And you want those prospective buyers to be able to visualize themselves and their families happily living there.

So, after you've made those minor repairs, painted where necessary, trimmed the bushes and cleaned, what else can you do to make your house stand out amid the crowd of similar properties?

The experts will tell you to edit, edit, edit... but which pieces do you put into storage and which do you keep out? Should you depersonalize or just declutter? Keep it "beige" or add some color to make it stand apart? How can you make the rooms and closets look larger?​

And what about the outside? Most Arizonans expect to take advantage of our glorious weather. Is it possible to make your patio welcoming without the funds to relandscape your backyard? We can give you budget-wise tips to sell it fast without making a dent in your pocketbook.​

What happens after you sell? More decisions!​

What furnishings and accessories should you take with you? Where will your prized possessions fit in your new home? We can help you with these questions as well. Make it easy on yourself...and save money to boot!​

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