1-Day Room Makeovers


What? That sofa you just couldn't live without doesn't work quite as well as you'd envisioned? And you're pulling your hair out trying to accessorize Great Aunt Gertrude's antique sideboard? Or you have company coming (or a party planned) and your living room looks nothing like that fun, dynamic person you know you are?

Makeover Magic for the Everyday Home to the rescue! We can take your carefully-chosen furniture and accessories and reinvent them to express your very own personal style. In other words, make your room the functional and beautiful space you always knew it could be... and all for less than the price of a new sofa!​

And how exactly do we do this? It all starts with picking up the phone. We'll talk a little about your home and what you hope to accomplish, and you can decide if you'd like to take the next step.​

​Next we schedule a 1/2-1 hr consultation in your home at a time that's right for you. This is where we get into the nitty-gritty: What's working, what's not working, what just has to stay (like hubby's favorite recliner) and what can go into other rooms.

And, most importantly, what are your hopes and dreams for this space? A warm and cozy cocoon to snuggle and watch TV? A sleek, sophisticated space to entertain? A room that can fulfill several functions at the same time? Once that's determined, we can arrange the date for your very own "1-Day Transformation".​

On the day of the Transformation.... you should plan a few hours out with the girls: mani-pedi, romantic comedy, trendy lunch. While you're gone, I (along with my trusty assistant) will study the architecture and charm factor of the room(s) you selected to be redesigned.

With your permission, we will "shop" other rooms in your home (including the backyard and garage), since you never know what oft-overlooked treasures may be hidden away that could make your redesign really pop!

Once the focal points are determined we will remove all of the wall art and safely store it standing, followed by all of the accessories which will be sorted in a predetermined holding area. All but the heaviest pieces of furniture will be removed to give us a clean slate to begin the redesign process.​

Then we work our magic, using your lovingly-collected furnishings and accessories in a way you would never have dreamed of. When you return for your "reveal", you'll fall in love with your home all over again, reappreciating your possessions and rediscovering a room that works better and looks fabulous!

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Then call us on (480)-227-7898 to see how we can help!​